Sunday , 30 August 2015
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A Goodbye Note – Short Inspirational story with great moral

A Goodbye Note – Short Inspirational Story with Moral

A Goodbye Note - Short Inspirational story with great moral

One person worked long and hard for making a great career.
One day he decided to rest from the work and to live in luxury for his pleasure, which he could afford because of his wealth.

Just when he made this decision, an angel of death came to him.
Being a very wealthy person, he decided to buy some more time from the angel of death at any cost. He bargained for a long time but the angel was unmoved. Read More »

35 Ways Respect ur children views and Ways to know them in better way

35 Ways to Respect your children views and ways to know them in a better way.

Parents Inspirational Quotes for Childs - Great Tips for Mom and Dad to Understanding KidsChildren’s are parents treasure and their most precious gift on this land. They must have seen the world lesser than you but they see it in a different way which you need to appreciate. Listen to them and try giving them as much time as you can. These moments are more precious than anything in this world

Every parent Must read once.

1. Put away your phone in their presence or avoid talking too much on phone when they r with you.

2. Pay attention to what they are saying.

3. Accept their opinions.

4. Engage in their conversations.

5. Look at them with respect.

6. Always praise them.

7. Share good news with them.

8. Avoid sharing bad news with them.

9. Speak well of their friends and loved ones to them.

10. Keep in remembrance the good things they did. Read More »